Q. When will my box arrive?
A. If you ordered before the 20th at 7:59PM EST, your box will shipped between the 22nd and 27th of this month. If you placed your order AFTER the 20th at 7:59PM EST, your box will ship next month between the 22nd and 27th.

Q. When will I be billed?
A. You are billed immediately when you make your first purchase, regardless of when you signed up. Recurring payments will be billed on the 20th of the month.

Q. When do I need to place my order by?

A. The cut off to receive your box this month is the 19th at  5:00PM EST. If you order after the 19th at 5:00PM EST, your box will ship next month between the 22nd and 27th.

Q. Are you affiliated with Universal Studios?

A. We are not affiliated with Universal Studios, but we are REALLY big fans. Our monthly boxes are filled with snacks and souvenirs that we personally purchase at the parks and resorts, then ship to you! It’s like personal shopping but in a fun mystery box every month.

Q. If I purchase a box that is $39.99 will I receive items worth $39.99?

A. We would absolutely love to ship out $40+ worth of merchandise on a $39.99 box. However if you factor in our time and costs which include driving (time and gas), time walking and transporting between Universal locations (gift shops, stores, parks, and resorts), extra packaging and handling time & costs, and that we pay full retail price for all Universal Orlando parks merchandise, you’ll see it’s not possible.

A good rule of thumb for all of our packages is about 45% of the cost goes to these fees, so you will typically receive about a minimum of 55% in merchandise (including tax). However, most months you will receive a higher value. It all depends on what we can purchase that month.

Our boxes are about receiving authentic Diagon Alley/Hogsmeade items from Universal Studios Orlando/IOA, to anywhere in the world. This means we can’t match big box retailer prices. In addition the only to get these items before Hagrid’s Hut was to purchase them directly at the park by paying park admission.

Q. What items are included?

A. The items in our boxes come directly from Universal Orlando/IOA and Resorts which gives us a HUGE selection to choose from. Our snack items include only items that will maintain their freshness during shipping. As much as we’d like to ship you butterbeer, it probably won’t happen due to sanitary reasons.

For our souvenirs, we’ll send you toys, kitchenware like plates and cups, home decor, collectibles, pins, etc. The bigger the package, the higher priced items we can ship you.

Q. How do you ship food items?

A. Rest assured that we only ship items that will make it to you fresh. You won’t receive any soft pretzels or Butterbeer (as much as we’d love to send some to you). All of our items will remain fresh long after you receive them. For items that will melt, such as chocolates, we have a special process (requires next day or second day shipping) that will ensure you receive it in the same condition as we bought it. No matter the weather conditions or time of year, if you want us to ship you chocolate frogs, fizzing whizzbees or exploding Bon Bons, we want to make certain that you’re getting fresh chocolate!

Q. Can I choose what’s included?

A. Sort of. You are given the option to customize the TYPES of items you get. For example, we have you pick between boy and girl, adult or child, etc. This makes sure you we send items that you will love while keeping the element of surprise every month.

We also offer a personal shopping option and we can create a box specifically for you. You can pick specific items, or even just a theme. You can see more information about custom personal shopping boxes here

Q. Can I upgrade or change packages?
A. Absolutely. Once you’re a member, you have a my account you can log into. Once there, you have the option to cancel, upgrade or downgrade your membership.
Q. Can I specify an allergy?
A. With so many various food allergies, we do not have packages to cater to these various dietary restrictions. However, may I suggest the personal shopping option, it is a great chance to let us know what you like, dislike and need us to steer away from when shopping for you.
Q. Can I send as a gift?
A. Your friends and family are lucky to have you. There are two options for gifting. If you want to give someone our monthly subscription box service, you can sign up and pay either monthly. During the purchase, you will be asked for the shipping name and address. You simply fill in the recipients details, and away it goes!
Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. We do! Due to the nature of shipping internationally, time frames vary greatly. There may be extra fees or taxes by your local post which we are not responsible for. Shipments do include food so if there are any restrictions on receiving these items, please do not place an order. We are not liable (and no refund will be issued) if an order is placed and these issues arise.
Q. How do I cancel?
We hope you don’t but if you do our packages can be canceled at anytime (although we don’t think you’ll want to once you sign up). You can manage your subscription under your account page.